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Tree Trimming Cost

An affordable way to keep trees looking stunning, tree trimming eliminates dead limbs from the tree crown, restores the natural tree shape, and also gives different trees a look that complements the landscape. When done right, tree trimming can help boost the value of...

Tree Removal Costs

In Albuquerque, working with tree removal professionals costs $400 to $1,200 per tree, with the average tree removal cost being $750. If your tree is small and non-risky, you can spend as low as $200, while the price can go as high as $2000 for extremely large trees....

Tree Pruning Cost

The tree pruning cost ranges from $75 to $2000 per tree in Albuquerque. Most property owners, however, pay a tree pruning cost of $350 to $650, with the typical medium-sized tree costing $450 to prune. The amount you pay to prune a tree varies from tree to tree based...
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